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What Others Are Saying

For an agency such as ours, that also conducts many training and development related activities, you helped us organize our thoughts in a manner that we could not have done on our own … we will be seeking your services again.

Director, Community Services, Mississippi Development Authority

How We Partner With You

  1. Following an initial meeting and situational analysis, we begin by clarifying and establishing specific client objectives and clear measures of success;
  2. We thoroughly assess your current situation, identifying particular strengths on which to build and clarifying the issues preventing your desired outcomes;
  3. We design and implement interventions for achieving the desired outcomes, with clear measures and firm timeframes; and
  4. We follow-up with you to ensure long-term change and client satisfaction.

We provide no off-the-shelf training packages. Although certain skill sets are necessary and applicable across all industries, each organization is unique. Our consultants conduct a thorough assessment prior to engagement, then fully customize each and every workshop to reach agreed-upon, measurable objectives. We ensure that there are no gaps, no overlaps and no conflicts with other current learning approaches or initiatives.

FSTD's Total Alignment Process
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