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What Others Are Saying

Rob is a great example of a person working in his 'sweet spot'. He is able to quickly build rapport with an individual, identify the issues and then facilitate to create options. He is able to leverage his personable style to deal with the hard issues and is not shy in stepping into the situation in helping you see the real truth. What I like the most about Rob is the way he is able to assist YOU getting to the core issue at hand. He does not give you the answer but partners with you.

David Neal, President, Neal Leadership Group

How We Save You Money ... No, Really ...

Yes, we are in the business to make money, just like you. But that doesn't mean that we're going to take you for a ride.

Our ethos:

  1. Real Value. Your people will learn skills to resolve issues faster and better, keeping your processes up and running.

  2. Build on what you already have in place. We're not about to ask you to replace what's good so that we can sell you something different. As part of our assessment process, we consciously look for those elements within your organization which can be conserved, used and built upon. We only supply elements that will close the gaps between what you already have in place and what you want to achieve.

  3. Work with your employees within your time frame. The greatest challenge for many businesses is not the up-front training cost, it's the amount of time that employees are pulled off of the line. We understand that you have to keep your business running and will work with you to identify a training schedule that meets both your learning and production goals.

  4. Train-the-Trainer (T3). We seek every opportunity to pass all of the expertise on to your people; that way, you can continue to skill-up your workforce without the expense of flying in consultants. A site license for full reproduction of all relevant learning materials is included in every T3.

  5. Fanatical about your expenses. We'll make our money by delivering outstanding value to you, such that you and your colleagues bring us back. And the folks in accounting whose job it is to keep an eye on the travel costs will be amazed - we eat cheap, travel cheap.
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