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Mr. Benson is excellent in understanding the purpose of his consulting. His skill in causing the client to really concentrate on the goal of the consulting arrangement helps to provide the client a valuable return on the investment of time and money. He doesn't provide the client with a cookie cutter approach to what he thinks but through his ability to engage the client and their staff into helping identify the solutions that are best for the client. He provides direction at the end of his consulting arrangement to ensure that the time spent in the consulting arrangement will produce results.

As the Chairman of the Board of North Midtown CDC, our organization along with Good Samaritian-Midtown engaged Rob Benson to assist us in reaching a decision on merging our two organizations. Political, personal, program and political issues had to be addressed. We were very pleased with the results achieved in our consulting arrangement and have proceeded with our decision to finalize the merger between our two 501c3 organizations and and would confidently recommend Rob Benson as someone who is very talented in facilitating organizational change. 

Jerry Cotton, Executive Vice-President, Baptist Health Systems

Six Reasons Why FSTD is Your BEST Choice for Reality-Based Technologies

Why should you select FSTD as your Performance-Improvement partner?

  1. Immediate ROI: a significant portion of our workshop is devoted to in-house application, that is, your employees using their new skills to address current performance issues, such as finding the root cause of deviations, making the best choices on company decisions, and planning how to best implement new courses of action within their job functions.  Based merely on issues resolved, our clients typically pay for the cost of the workshop before the workshop is finished (and often, several times the cost of the workshop).
  2. Lower Initial Investment: We do not provide any off-the-shelf training packages; therefore, we have no inventory to move.  We do NOT provide fancy three-color, spiral-bound manuals and pretty plastic cards that drive up your costs by over $300/participant; we DO provide more relevant learning materials, regularly updated, delivered by Certified Facilitators, to support the workshop.  Your ROI is not determined by the color of the manual that sits in your employee's book case but by the skills learned and used every day. 
  3. Ongoing Savings/Cost Avoidance: our participants thoroughly learn their new skills, and we teach you, your executives and managers how to drive continued performance.  (For more information on how to systematically structure superior employee performance, review our Performance System Analysis workshop; we include this training for top-level management along with the requested intervention to ensure the greatest ROI to the client organization.)
  4. Superior Content: FSTD workshops are “Reality Based Technologies;” that is, the skills contained in these workshop are based on the actual practices of successful performers. No gimmicks, just proven skills that will bring immediate results.  We develop our core learning materials from the real-life problems and choices faced by actual companies; we customize each training to support methodologies that you currently use (e.g., SPC) so that there are no gaps, no overlaps and no conflicts.
  5. We teach to the level needed: not every person in your organization needs the same degree of expertise: some employees need to simply know what information should be gathered for others to use; others need to be master facilitators who can troubleshoot problems throughout your organization and/or lead an inter-disciplinary analysis.   We customize our delivery to help you get the "best mix" of trained personnel for the ongoing resolution of company concerns in the most cost-effective manner possible.
  6. In-house Expertise: many clients choose to invest in a "T3," or "train-the-trainer."  This enables them to continue training new employees in TSL with minimal additional expenditures.
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