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Client Results - Absolute Safety, 365SM

*Note: our work is customized to each client's needs and specifications. These results are meant to provide examples of how we work with our clients and what they then achieve. They are not meant to display a "set" approach, nor do they necessarily detail all of the results achieved by this client.

Situation / Need

We worked with ABC company, a construction company that rebuilt heavy equipment, whose TCIR previous to our involvement was a very respectable (for this industry) 1.6.  The client learned that its main customer would soon require all of its key contractors to have an RI below 1.5 in order to retain their business.

Our Intervention

In order to be prepared for their client's new requirement, this compmany proactively invested in a comprehensive Absolute Safety, 365SM initiative.

Our consultants helped this company to clarify its values and align its systems. The company then rolled out a series of customized, three-day workshops that encompassed all of the concepts in Safety Awareness, Safety Coaching and Safety Reinforcement, as well as a Safety Leadership workshop for Executives. 


Within three months, this company drove their TCIR down to 0.5, a figure which they sustained. 

Absolute Safety, 365SM is a customized process which supports and is fully compatible with existing safety programs. If employee safety at your organization concerns you, contact an FSTD associate to learn more

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