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Client Results - Reduced Scrap

*Note: our work is customized to each client's needs and specifications. These results are meant to provide examples of how we work with our clients and what they then achieve. They are not meant to display a "set" approach, nor do they necessarily detail all of the results achieved by this client.

Situation / Need

This client manufactures small engines. One of its largest costs was scrap, i.e., components not meeting specification upon inspection. At that time, it had over 9,000 employees at this site and a turnover rate at approximately 10%.

Our Intervention

While our associate was fulfilling another contract at this client's facility, management received an anonymous suggestion in the suggestion box to use Operators as trainers since "we know the machines better than the setup folk [the current trainers]." Management chose to implement this suggestion, and our associate developed a "train-the-trainer" process to prepare the Operators selected as trainers. Since this process was considered a "pilot," management was keen on tracking ROI.


This intervention was a huge success. Following the intervention, the client documented a little over $30,000.00 in reduced scrap per year per new hire. It also resulted in a dramatic reduction in turnover while greatly improving the job satisfaction of the Operator Trainers.

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