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For an agency such as ours, that also conducts many training and development related activities, you helped us organize our thoughts in a manner that we could not have done on our own … we will be seeking your services again.

Director, Community Services, Mississippi Development Authority

Client Results: Knowledge Retention / Transfer

*Note: our work is customized to each client's needs and specifications. These results are meant to provide examples of how we work with our clients and what they then achieve. They are not meant to display a "set" approach, nor do they detail all of the results achieved by this client.

Situation / Need

The site manager approached us with a sense that his training systems weren't "up to speed." He believed that a key element of their future success was to have the best trained workforce.

Our Intervention

We initially contracted with this client to gain a clearer understanding of the site's current training systems. We conducted interviews, analyzed the data and compared it with the model for high performance learning/training systems. We found numerous opportunities for improvement, which we shared with site leadership. Two were key:

  1. the training documentation (manuals, presentations, and so forth) was spotty, of very mediocre quality (e.g., out of date, inaccurate to current operating conditions) and scattered throughout the site; and
  2. the trainers had never been taught how to effectively conduct training.


We helped this client create the systems necessary for improving his training for the long term. We created a template for new training materials based upon the principles of Systematic Learning and collaborated with site IT to host it on the site intranet. We then trained site personnel on how to populate the system and began the lengthy process of data input. This was key, since many of the site's current senior operators were at or near retirement age, and it was imperative that their knowledge not leave the site. We also developed a three-day Train-the-Trainer process to enable them to use the new materials to deliver effective training.

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