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I coordinate a youth leadership group in Simpson County, MS. This group is compiled of 30 Juniors from our local schools. This group is required to meet many qualifications to be a part of this program. We hire Rob to spend a weekend with our kids to kick off each year of a new program. The results have been amazing. Rob is very talented and he makes the weekend very productive. He shows them confidence, teamwork, and most importantly, he shows them how to be good people. From all of us invoved in this program, Thank you Rob!

Chris Dunn, Simpson County Youth Leadership


We teach your people the tools needed to skillfully operate their part of the business like entrepreneurs.

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We provide no off-the-shelf training packages. Although certain skill sets are necessary and applicable across all industries, each organization is unique. Our consultants conduct a thorough assessment prior to engagement, then fully customize each and every workshop to reach agreed-upon, measurable objectives. We ensure that there are no gaps, no overlaps and no conflicts with other current learning approaches or initiatives.

Clients who engage our training services realize a positive ROI on their training investment. We work with your site and/or corporate leadership to align employee performance systems so that employees use the skills learned to reach company goals.

Case Study

One of our Pacific Northwest clients had just gone through a major re-organization of its entire mill. They asked us for a proposal on some “team building.” Because the re-organization was driven by major work systems and product mix changes, there were lots of projects and “mini-projects” in the works.

We developed a workshop that delivered two learning packages for about the cost of one and in about the time it takes to deliver one product. We structured a Project Management workshop that was based upon team exercises, then ran the workshop in such a way that the newly formed, natural work teams went through the training intact. We structured the exercises so that the teams working upon each exercise ABSOLUTELY HAD TO INVOLVE EACH AND EVERY TEAM MEMBER TO BE SUCCESSFUL. Along with the basics of Project Management, these natural work teams quickly learned to work together.

So, two-for-one. Project Management, a hard skill, along with Team Building, a soft skill, in the same time in the same place in about the same time for about the same price!

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