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We hired Rob to facilitate and lead a two day offsite for our seventeen member leadership team. This was not an easy task as this group struggles with a number of crippling dysfuntions. Rob was easily up to the task. He was well prepared and used his intuition to guide the team. It was one of the most productive offsite meetings I have been a part of in my 20 year career. Rob can get the job done.

Pat Thomasson, Raytheon

Event or Process?

When it comes to employee development, there are usually two competing interests:

  • how much/how thoroughly do the employees in question need to learn the skill so that they can use it well, and
  • how much time can I afford to have them away from their machine, desk or other duty station while they learn?

Your choice of how much employee time (the KEY variable for most of our clients) to invest in training comes down to a simple cost-benefit analysis: what level of expertise do your people need in particular skills to successfully operate their part of the business?

We make this decision easier for you by

  • structuring different Levels of Training - not everyone needs the same depth of knowledge in any particular skill. Click on the link to the White Paper in the sidebar to learn more about how we structure these levels for a Trouble Shooting Logic intervention.
  • Layering over time - we can design any learning package so that it can be rolled out over time, focusing on the fundamentals in earlier workshop(s), and enabling you to add in more advanced modules over time as your needs and budget allow; and
  • working around your production times - to accommodate a client's production schedule, we have segmented longer workshops into two-hour increments.

Event: Some of our clients truly need the kind of skill development that can be learned in a single event. We are experts at designing and facilitating learning events that develop real skills in a day or less. Review examples of these workshops in our On-Site workshops catalog.

Process: other clients wish to develop levels of mastery that are achieved after multiple learning sessions, spread out over time, with on-job application supported by our coaching in the intervening periods. Learn more about Reality-Based Technologies Mastery here.

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