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Rob is a great example of a person working in his 'sweet spot'. He is able to quickly build rapport with an individual, identify the issues and then facilitate to create options. He is able to leverage his personable style to deal with the hard issues and is not shy in stepping into the situation in helping you see the real truth. What I like the most about Rob is the way he is able to assist YOU getting to the core issue at hand. He does not give you the answer but partners with you.

David Neal, President, Neal Leadership Group


We are frequently engaged to provide advanced leadership training to senior executives. The following are examples of our most frequently requested workshops, all of which can be facilitated at your preferred site and time.

Our modular approach enables us to customize each workshop to address your goals and specifications. Multiple workshops can be combined to produce your ideal leadership training program.

Delivery Options: Our certified facilitators can deliver your workshop, or we can train and certify your employees to deliver the workshop through our T3 (Train-the-Trainer) process.

Don't see what you're looking for here? Share your needs with us for a no-obligation training design and consultation.

Absolute Safety, 365 We all know what safety is. Most of the time we act safely … yet we have all acted in ways which are not safe. When we run a business, we preach safety … And unsafe acts - at-risk behaviors - still occur all too frequently. Absolute Safety, 365 addresses the root cause of safety incidents - personal and collective accountability for safety - and creates a world-class safety mindset at all levels of the organization. (more)

Choice Analysis: Making Better Decisions Your people make decisions day-in and day-out. Do I take Path A, Path B or Path C? Which market should we enter? What vendor should I choose? Which employee will make the best supervisor? Decision-making is a critical skill that everyone must know in order to allocate resources wisely in the current environment ... (more)

Deviation Analysis: Maximizing Assets For companies with large investments in production capacity, the ability to maintain operations (that is, keep the machines running and making quality product) is the difference between site profitability and site closure. Reducing down time and increasing efficiencies adds significantly to the bottom line. Deviation Analysis is the premiere tool to help you solve problems quickly (more)

Effective Meeting Management Although they increasingly occupy valuable employee time and energy, many meetings are poorly organized and poorly run, producing little added value for your company. When one considers the cost of labor for the meeting and how much does or does not get done in them, there is a huge performance improvement opportunity in improving how meetings are managed (more)

Focused Communication Communication is the basic skill that all supervisors, leaders and team members require to be successful, yet few people understand the process of communication. The Focused Communication Skills workshop explains the process of communication and provides the specific communication tools, such as listening, questioning, and feedback, needed for mutual understanding. (more)

Mastering Involvement For many issues to be successfully resolved, the right people must be involved and committed to action. The Mastering Involvement Workshop teaches a logical, step-by-step approach to manage team participation so that issues are successfully and quickly resolved and the team is committed to implementing the solution. (more)

Performance Coaching and FeedBack While many leaders intuitively know that the giving and receiving of honest FeedBack is necessary to improve performance, many either avoid confronting poor performance or lack the skills to hold successful performance conversations.The Performance Coaching & FeedBack workshop teaches supervisors the skills they need to have the employee take accountability for his actions and results ... (more)

Performance System Analysis Successful management of today’s employees requires that managers understand and “engineer” the performance system. The Performance System Analysis workshop enables the supervisor to optimally structure all parts of the performance system – the initial Opportunity to Perform, the Desired Accomplishments, Consequences for Acting, Road Blocks, and Feedback – so that each employee chooses to give his best efforts towards meeting department and company goals. (more)

Plan Implementation Analysis: Problem Avoidance Skills In today's climate, your organization cannot afford to be blindsided by problems that slow down or stop operations. Your people must be skilled in Problem Avoidance (more)

Project Management Fundamentals Successfully managing tasks and projects is one of the keys to a successful organization, yet when it comes to “project management” many organizations and individuals feel overwhelmed ... (more)

Reality-Based Technologies Mastery Advanced learning to resolve issues and drive bottom-line results at your site. (more)

Resolving Team Conflict Interpersonal conflict wastes valuable time and energy. It distracts employees from the job at hand, lessens their ability to work cooperatively with others, and inhibits retention of top performers. The Resolving Team Conflict workshop provides the knowledge and skills for participants to see through the fear ... (more)

Status Assessment: Manage Complex Issues Status Assessment teaches your people how to quickly assess their working environment, identify issues which impact operations, prioritize their energy and resources most effectively, then develop the best approach to resolve priority issues. (more)

Systematic Presentation / Public Speaking Skills To reach their objectives, sales personnel, trainers, and other functions must effectively convey their ideas in a group setting. Success in public speaking does NOT require a naturally talkative, gregarious personality or the ability to tell jokes. It DOES require an understanding of how adults best receive information and mastery of certain basic tools (more)

Trouble Shooting Logic The complete toolkit of Status Assessment, Deviation Analysis, Choice Analysis and Plan Implementaition Analysis. Trouble Shooting Logic shows leaders how to assess their departments for issues and opportunities and then choose the correct course of action for the situation at hand. Participants learn how to systematically find the root cause of problems, to make decisions which properly balance risk and reward, and to anticipate and avoid future problems. (more)

Working with Style Managers have incredible influence, for good and ill; every leader brings certain gifts, as well as certain limitations, to the task of managing others. The Working with Style Workshop gives managers a safe but engaging way to take a real look at both the strengths and the challenges that they bring to the table. They gain a greater appreciation for the impact that their behavior has on others, and they discover how others may respond to their style. (more)

World Class Service World Class Service is memorable service, service that makes a lasting impression. We all have received it. We all remember it. We all want it. If we run a business, we all want to give it. Yet, world class service is a rare commodity. The reason is that few people really understand it. (more)

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