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Marq [The First Steps' facilitator]  helped us move from being a group of disconnected individuals, to a "family" that listened and communicated better, encouraged more fully, and trusted more deeply. He also helped us as individuals break through some personal barriers which was huge ...

David Knecht, Young Life

Train-the-Trainer (T3) Options

First Steps' Train-The-Trainer (T3) workshops prepare your people to create dynamic learning environments for effective and efficient transfer of skills needed to drive your business forward in the most cost-effective manner.  We offer three T3 Interventions, which can be scheduled separately or combined to create the optimal trainer development program for your organization.

T3 Interventions

  1. Platform Mastery T3: the basic T3 that provides the skills needed to teach any given subject.  Ideal for new trainers and subject matter experts who are transitioning into the training role.  Focused on your curricula and conducted on-site.  (more)

  2. Operator Training T3: a T3 focused on the most efficient transfer of technical skill; that is, We teach your operators how to train other operators - those who know the machine or process best share that information within a structure designed to minimize time away from production (more)

  3. Skill-Specific T3: Learn how to effectively teach individual First Steps Leadership and Team Skills workshops in-house.  Each Skill-Specific T3 provides extended topical learning so that you become the organization's expert in that particular skill, and combines it with Platform Mastery skills and all support materials needed for you successfully train others in our Reality-Based Technologies. Click here to learn more about our Trouble Shooting Logic T3.

Benefits to Your Company - Why a T3 is a Sound Investment

Increased Skills: develop your capacity in-house to deliver the training that you want whenever your employees need it; skills learned in our Platform Skills T3 and Experiential Expertise T3 will improve training effectiveness in all topics delivered by the trainer; the additional content learning gained in an FSTD Skill-Specific T3 (for example, in Trouble Shooting Logic) will enable more effective use of that skill, with resultant cost savings, over time;

Reduce Training Costs: in-house trainers can provide the training as many times as required by your business needs, resulting in significant cost savings over time when compared to paying outside trainers to deliver the training.

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