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The First Steps’ facilitator training was one of the most profound professional educational experiences of my life. Rob created a true learning community amongst the participants – we learned the concepts, we developed teamwork, and I reconnected with myself. I learned how to effectively guide group discussions towards real learning. Rob is a consummate Master Trainer, able to simplify the complex and make it accessible. That being said, this was not a beginner’s training, but one that stretched me. I give Rob and First Steps my highest recommendation.

Justina Rudez, Entrepreneur

Operator Training T3


Whenever a new employee is hired or a current employee is given a new assignment, there is an opportunity for learning.  A one-to-one correlation exists between the quality of learning and how long it takes the employee to be successful.  If the employee’s learning experience is carefully planned and delivered, he or she will be successful more quickly, resulting in greater overall output, a better work environment and the happier co-workers.


Often the person with the most knowledge about the job is a person who is currently doing the job.  Wouldn’t it make sense to utilize this person’s knowledge in training the new hire or transfer?

The purpose of the Operator Training T3 is to give the participants (operators and/or team leaders and/or supervisors) an understanding of the principles of adult learning.  These principles then are applied to the learning needs of the people assuming new responsibilities or skills.

To quickly and thoroughly learn a new skill, every Learner needs:

  • Initial Motivation
    • Sees a need to learn
    • Sees relevance of subject
  • To Learn
  • To Confirm Understanding
  • Secondary Motivation
    • Understands relevance of subject
    • Sees an opportunity to use the skill
  • To Practice
  • To Gain Reward
  • Ongoing Motivation
    • Understands use of the skill
    • Desires Independence
  • To Gain Mastery

Operator training teaches your operators - those who have the most content knowledge of the task and/or job - how to provide these essential and proven learning components to your new employees. The workshop thoroughly investigates the principles of adult learning.  These principles then are applied to the training needs of the participants.  About two thirds of the workshop is devoted to putting the learning requirements of the participants into the adult learning model and actually training people in the desired skill. The participants leave the workshop not only with a thorough understanding of adult learning but also with a tested method they can use to provide on-the-job training to their employees.


The skills developed in this workshop enable the participants to provide effective, adult learner focused training for both new and current employees.  If more than one person provides training for an employee, there is uniformity in the approach to the subject, further enhancing the quality of the training and reducing the time investment.

The net result is an employee who gives a better, higher quality product or service more quickly.  This creates a positive bottom line result almost immediately.  The skills required to effectively become an active part of the organization are acquired better and quicker.

In addition, the manager/supervisor/technical resource is freed of the often time-consuming and repetitive task of routine training and thus can devote his or her time to more productive activities.

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