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Platform Mastery Train the Trainer (T3)

FSTD's Platform Mastery T3 gives you the skills and confidence to structure and deliver your company's training so that your participants truly learn the material.  The Platform Mastery T3 covers the following Core Concepts.  Each is investigated in detail, with implications for actual training design and delivery;

  • Understanding and Clarifying Your Objectives - your training design and delivery begins with what the learners should know, feel and be able to do differently after the training;

  • Primary Learning styles - typical trainers deliver training in the same way that they prefer to learn; effective trainers structure their delivery to address all three core learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic;

  • Adult Learning Model - Adult learners need to see the relevance of subject, to see/hear/experience the subject in their preferred learning style, to confirm their understanding, to have opportunity to practice the skill with feedback and coaching, and to experience mastery;

  • Trainer roles - great trainers put on particular hats at particular times to drive and reinforce the learning: when is it time to be the preacher?  When the cop?  Your success as a trainer requires that you understand these roles and when they should be used;

  • PowerPoint, flipchart and other aids - a properly developed flipchart or PowerPoint presentation can cement the learning, while a poorly developed tool can sink it; learn how to best visually reinforce your learning content;

  • Examples and Stories - how to craft interesting and relevant verbal reinforcement for your content;

  • The Use of Voice, and others.

The Platform Mastery T3 is highly "learning by doing."  You bring a training curriculum which you will actually be teaching at a later date; you learn the T3 concepts relative to your curricula, design your delivery and then deliver your content, with in-depth instructor feedback.  You refine your design based upon the feedback, and then deliver your content again.  Participants leave the course fully prepared to teach their content back in their organizations.


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