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When we began our initial assessment of the state of things in our office, we had some major hurdles to overcome. I am happy to report that things are very different in our office now, and I can only attribute it to the skill you exercised in working with our group over the past year. Your one-on-one coaching of our supervisors, the team-building retreats, and the conflict resolution training were very successful. I was skeptical at first, but the results speak for themselves.

Director, Human Resources

Mastering Involvement

Systematic Participation for Maximum Commitment


For many issues to be successfully resolved, the right people must be involved and committed to action.  Commitment frequently requires participation in the decision making process; however, as participation increases, so does the amount of time required. 

Mastering Involvement

In order for issues to be resolved efficiently, the proper level of participation - who to involve and to what extent - must be determined.


The Mastering Invovlement workshop teaches a systematic, Reality-Based Technology for managing team participation. Participants in the Mastering Involvement Workshop learn

  1. the various leadership behaviors which are commonly used, from autocratic, to participative, to group-oriented;
  2. the variables which impact issue resolution and team commitment;
  3. guidelines to quickly assess the situation variables and choose the leadership behavior(s) that will lead to quality solutions AND commitment to implementation.

Participants practice assessing the variables and choosing leadership behaviors in both individual and group case exercises. They then apply the guidelines they have learned to actual on-job situations.


The skills developed in this workshop enable participants to develop and maintain a participative leadership environment where issues are resolved effectively and efficiently, where the expectations for participation are realistic, and where the team is committed to the solution.


This training is ideal for all managers and team leaders.


The Mastering Involvement workshop usually lasts one day; this training can be delivered in two-hour modules to accomodate your production needs.

Contact an FSTD representative to learn more about Mastering Involvement or request on-site training.

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