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The workshop “Performance Coaching” contains good course material as well as good presentation skills by the instructor. The feedback I received was very positive.  We have noticed real improvement in the quality of data entered into our coaching database by our leadership team.


There are a few areas where our site procedures are not in verbatim alignment with what you taught in the workshop. Ironically, we are re-evaluating our procedure for potential enhancements. The material you administered has many key data points that we may have overlooked in procedure development.

Ben Avara, FIN Superintendent, Entergy Operations, Grand Gulf Nuclear Station

Plan Implementation Analysis: Problem Avoidance Skills

How often have you overheard a co-worker repeat the details of some deviation, mention what should have been done to avoid it or recover more quickly, and then finish with "well, hindsight is 20/20 ..."?

While many pride themselves on their ability to SOLVE problems, the way to truly SAVE MONEY is to AVOID the problem in the first place. Plan Implementation Analysis is a systematic, step-by-step approach to "bullet-proof" your project plan and ensure that your chosen course of action is not derailed by foreseeable future deviations. (It is one of the four core critical thinking skills also taught in Trouble Shooting Logic.)

Plan Implementation Analysis
Plan Implemenation Analysis

In the Plan Implementation Analysis workshop, participants learn how to

  • Recognize specific future deviations which have not yet happened
  • Identify and select actions to prevent the future deviations from occurring
  • Identify and plan actions that will minimize the effects of future deviations, should they occur
  • Develop the information system to anticipate and act on future deviations.

In addition, participants use the same thinking skill to capture opportunities and make the most of them. They learn how to

  • Determine when and how to recognize specific Future Opportunities
  • Identify and select actions to cause the future opportunity to occur;
  • Identify and plan actions that will maximize the benefits of future opportunities, after they have happened; and
  • Develop an information system to anticipate and act on future opportunities

Benefits to the Organization

When participants use the skills learned in the Plan Implementation Analysis workshop, projects run more smoothly and finish more quickly. Contingency plans are prepared for high-probability problems, and the organization recovers more quickly if they do occur.

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Case Study

Our client, a consumer products / personal care products manufacturer, invested in a Trouble Shooting Logic 3-Day Workshop. One participant conducted a Plan Implementation Analysis on a major machine modification that was scheduled to be accomplished during the next planned outage.

As a result of this 45 minute analysis, several future deviations were identified, along with Preventive and Back Up Actions. The actions were put into plan and the deviations avoided. The job was completed under budget AND ahead of schedule.

This was the first outage for this company that had ever been both under budget and ahead of schedule.

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