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Systematic Presentation / Public Speaking Skills

To improve how an employee “formally” presents information to an audience, he or she must first understand how that audience best “receives” or learns new information. He or she must also have quality presentation skills and the ability to articulate concepts well. In the Presentation / Public Speaking Skills workshop, participants learn the principles of adult learning along with proven public speaking skills so that they deliver effective presentations.


There are 3 variations of this workshop. The primary focus of the workshop can be on any, or all, of the following:

  • Informing
  • Training
  • Convincing

In any configuration, participants learn how adults best receive information, how to clarify their objective(s) and how to organize their presentation for greatest impact. Based upon their goals, they then learn the following:

Informing Training Convincing
Systematic Presentation
Systematic Learning
Systematic Recommendation
  • Motivation
  • Overview the topic
  • Present the information
  • Support the thesis
  • Confirm Understanding / Discuss
  • Summarize
  • Initial motivation
  • Teach the subject
  • Confirm Understanding
  • Secondary motivation
  • Structure practice
  • Provide FeedBack
  • Ongoing motivation
  • Provide follow-up
  • Define the Recommendation
  • Present the Criteria
  • Identify the Options
  • Evaluate the Options
  • Identify the Risk
  • Manage the Risk
  • Present Conclusion
Optional Modules: Systematic Presentation/Public Speaking Skills

Depending upon the type(s) of presentations that the participants are expected to deliver on the job, participants also learn and practice how to best support their presentation visually through PowerPoint, flipchart and/or other standard tools.

Participants learn by doing. About ½ of the workshop is devoted to practicing the desired skills. The participants leave the workshop not only with a thorough understanding of adult learning but also with tested methods they can use to deliver superior presentations.

Workshop Duration

The length of the workshop is driven by how many topics are included and by the amount of practice desired. A complete, three topic workshop is usually a three day event. It can be configured to run in four-hour segments so as to provide minimum interruption of normal workflow. Additionally, if time-in-workshop is a limiting factor, participants can complete certain learning segments as fieldwork.

Typical Class Size

In order to structure appropriate practice, coaching and FeedBack, workshops are typically delivered at a Participant / Instructor ratio of 8:1.

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