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Status Assessment: Manage Complex Issues

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Before complex issues can be resolved, they must be recognized, understood, and prioritized. A Reality-Based Technology, Status Assessment is the systematic, step-by-step approach to plan how you and/or your team will resolve pressing issues. The Status Assessment process provides the right answers to the fundamental questions ...

  • What issues are impacting our work right now or might do so in the foreseeable future?
  • What issue should I/we be working on now? What next?
  • How can I/we most effectively address each issue so that it is resolved?
  • Who (else) should be involved?
  • How will I know when the issue is resolved or needs further input?

Status Assessment
Status Assessment

In the workshop, participants learn how to identify the issues requiring action, how to clarify the issues so that each may be addressed, and how to assess the impact and timing implications of each issue so that appropriate priority can be set. Participants then learn how to plan a strategy for resolving each issue, including the type of participation, the accountability for results and the system for measuring and evaluating accomplishments.

Status Assessment has been called "the only tool a leader truly needs" because it systematically helps you decide what must be addressed, in what order, with what resources. It is one of the four core skills also learned in the Trouble Shooting Logic workshop.


Status Assessment is equally effective, whether used to manage one's personal workload or team issues. The common language and approach that this workshop provides enables teams to collaborate effectively and resolve issues more quickly.

Time is a precious commodity. Individuals who use the Status Assessment approach put their time, energy and other resources on the issues that are most important for organizational success.

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Case Study

One of our associates was running a workshop for the Southern Pines Division of this client. It was relatively early in the workshop. They were just into their second Deviation Analysis (DA) application. The participants were having difficulty finding good Deviation Statements. Our associate notice that many of the deviations they identified looked promising until one of the participants said, and here’s a direct quote, “Oh, we can’t work on that. That’s part of the Fir Problem!” (more)

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